Getting to know me

Michelle is originally from Brazil. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese Language at the University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
She has experience in teaching Portuguese as Foreign Language to any background and nationality.

She has developed her own teaching style to keep the interest of her students. She has been teaching Portuguese Language for foreigners for almost since 1994 year.

The classes are planned according to the student’s needs. Support materials will be available according to each class/session. The classes have light atmosphere respecting the rhythm and limitation of each student, with a conversational way, no pressure, grammar, conversation, reading and cultural tips related to the Brazilian people and language are present in every class.

Dyngle Brazilian Language Services

Welcome to your Portuguese lesson

Dyngle is dedicated to provide brazilian Portuguese language service to people and organisations who need to communicate effectively across linguistic.
The key aim of the course is to help you develop basic language skills in all four main areas (listening, speaking, reading and writing), so that you are able to communicate in basic Brazilian Portuguese and understand what people say to you in a variety of social situations.
Our certified teachers have focus on providing an experience to uncompromising.
A communicative approach will be used throughout the course with an emphasis on real-life situations. Grammar will be taught in context and general terms.
customers - helping you achieve success by Deleting the language barrier.

To help you in the learning process I created a playlist with the Brazilian songs that I like the most

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Learn Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese culture is wonderful!

Music, literature, cinema, arts … Portuguese-speaking countries truly have a lot of offers. The culture will definitely move you.
Given that passion is one of the key factors in learning a language, this will make learning Portuguese even easier for you!

Portuguese Language for all

Students of all levels are welcome to apply, including extreme beginners. Classes are taught entirely in Portuguese at all levels, From brand-new beginners to the extremely advanced, 


Business Portuguese

Learn brazilian Portuguese...We will help you to develop your language skills for business with your clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Also training will improve your business relations and will help you to participate more actively and confidently in meetings, discussions and negotiations in Portuguese. It will also provide you with more awareness of the Brazilian cultures and improve your cross-cultural competence.



Exam Preparation

Be prepared to write a redação (essay), interpret a given text, ... then have to answer questions in multiple choice or with your own words.

Brazilian Portuguese

Carnaval is celebrated in many parts of the world, but Brazil is usually thought of as the country with the most exuberant and exciting carnival celebrations.Celebrations for carnival vary throughout the world and in Brazil too there are regional differences. The most famous Brazilian carnivals are held in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. In fact, the Guinness Book of 

Records maintains that the Salvador carnival is the biggest street party in the world!